Monday, February 22, 2010

Horrible Mother Example #1023

Scout is sick.  And I didn't believe her.  Again.

The main problem is that she is a bit of a drama queen (I wonder where she got that from?)  So she tends to be a bit bigger than life when she talks about anything, including being sick.

She had a sleepover on Saturday which led to very grumpy Sunday which then led to a "I can't sleep" night which directly entered into "I have a stomachache morning" and then a random vomit.  So, I shipped her off to my in-laws with a no TV, no Wii rule because I really thought she was faking.

Then I got the call from the mother of the girl she had the sleepover with...and she has strep throat.

I bowed my head an whispered a quick prayer..."PleaseGodletherbefinewhenIgethomefromworksoIdon'tfeellikeareallycrappymotheramen."

I don't think God understands my mumbles.

She has a fever, she has a bright red throat covered in ew inducing puss pockets.  She has now slept for the entire day.  She has strep throat.

So, I have proven once again that I am a horrible mother who shouldn't be trusted with my children.


  1. Oh, no, Becca...a really "bad mother" tells her kid to buck up after a fall only to dicover she has a broken arm ;0{ G was a drama queen too!

  2. PTooey! We have daughters. Like your last post... little did we know that when we DIDN'T see >that< thing on the sonogram that we were being tossed into a world of extreme emotions and drama. With my intelligence, I decided not to wait more than 9 months after the first girl, and got pregnant with ANOTHER girl. I've done this over and over with both girls - if one gets meds, the other thinks she needs them. I think drama and the next thing I know, she really does need them. *sigh*

    You are not alone, my friend. Not at all!