Monday, May 31, 2010

I scream, you scream...

We all scream for ice cream! 

Truman and Daddy made homemade butter pecan ice cream today for my dad and cousin's birthday party. 

He had so much fun helping Daddy.  Then I told him there was ice cream in there...

He was a little excited...can you tell he likes ice cream?

Pool Time

We got a little pool for Truman since he absolutely loves the water.  He had a blast playing with his sister who decided that the pool was the perfect size for 2!

Look at that devilish grin!  He was so excited!

Phog the dog watched over them...I think he was hoping for a drink!  Do I have the cutest kids or what?

Friday, May 28, 2010

Last Day of School

My daughter is officially a 2nd grader...I am trying really hard not to cry at that thought.  For some reason 2nd grade just seems...OLD! WAAAA.  When did she grow up?

The school year just flew by.  I remember my mom telling me when I was younger that once her children started school that she would blink and the year would be over.  She was so right!

Here she is on her first day of 1st grade:

And here she is on her last day of 1st grade:

She even LOOKS older.

What a year.  She lost her first teeth, made new friends, grew over 2 inches, really learned to read--now reading chapter books!, excelled in Math, had her first dance recital and piano recital, told me she thought a boy was "cute," and brought home a PERFECT grade card.  I am so proud of her.  And I actually am looking forward to 2nd grade--I think it will be another year of new adventures.

She starts at Camp Raintree on Tuesday and she is beside herself with excitement to go back to Raintree.  I am sure I will have a lot to post about her summer!

My Awesome Family

My niece Kennedy graduated from middle school and it gave us the opportunity to hang out as a family...and me the opportunity to take a few pictures to share!

 My brother, Andy.  My oldest niece Tori (now a sophomore in college!).  My cousin's wife Lindsay (mommy of Everleigh Rae).  Tori has been helping us with Scout this year and we cannot thank her enough!  We are so lucky to have her around and Scout just adores her.  And my brother is a goofball, I know!

Aunt Kimmy and Truman--he is typically past from woman to woman during our family get can tell how much it bothers him!  He loves Aunt Kimmy!

Kennedy (the graduate) and Chloe--my beautiful nieces.  I can't believe how fast they are growing up!  I was in high school when Kennedy was born!

Scout's First Piano Recital

Very proud moment this week...Scout's first piano recital!  I played when I was a kid and it was just amazing to watch my own child on the stage--and most importantly LOVING it!

Cool Things Truman is Doing

My little guy is just shocking all of us with the exciting things that he is doing now.  For some reason he has spent the last few weeks just going crazy with the developmental milestones.

He is pulling up and then sitting back down!  HUGE!  (Sorry about the weird angle...I held the camera wrong!) 

He is having a blast playing Peak-a-Boo!  Great small motor skill!

And this is the best applause I have ever heard in my life!

He is also "cruising" the furniture...which I haven't captured on film yet.  Every time it has happened I have been is such awe that I forget to grab the camera!

We also saw his neurologist last week and had an incredible visit.  He was so proud of Truman.  I think he was incredibly shocked by what Tru was doing!  In fact he told us that he didn't think that Truman was ever going to walk.  He said that he had seen lost of children with similar unexplained low muscle tone and the majority of children do not ever have the ability to do the things Truman is doing was pretty difficult to hear but exciting at the same time.  I think I knew in the back of my head that there was a strong potential that Truman would never walk or that he could end up in a wheelchair.  I just had refused to think about it and instead focused on the physical therapy.  Seeing the look on the doctor's face made me realize just how close we were...

We still do not have a diagnosis.  As his doctor put it, "sometimes doctors are not smart enough to figure it out...but the child starts to catch up and so we follow the child."  The current plan is to go back at 18 months for another follow up appointment and potentially do an MRI of his brain to make sure it is developing correctly.  If he continues developing new skills (even delayed) he doesn't want to push with a bunch of tests that he doesn't think will give us a real answer anyway.  He doesn't want Truman to have to go through all of it...and I agree.  One of God's lessons in this entire process was the opportunity to learn patience and to be OK not always having the answers.  For those of you who know me...that was not an easy adjustment, but Truman made is possible.

Life is good.  I'll post cruising video soon.  I can't wait for this summer!

This is the other way Truman "cruises"...he loves this car!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

First Trip to the Farmer's Market!

Enjoyed a rainy trip to the Farmer's Market this morning...

We didn't stay long because of the rain and cold but Scout was able to get her honey sticks and mommy got spinach.  We also picked up a mini pie (which are just too darn cute) and ate the first Saturday scones of the summer!  Truman had a blast just watching people.

Friday, May 14, 2010


I have a zit on my forehead that I have decided to name Fred.  Fred is large and red and well, disgusting.  He seems fond of my forehead and will not go away.  Because he will not leave he has enjoyed every freaking product known to man that is supposed to get rid of friends like Fred.  I have tried them all.  I even have been desperate enough to Google zit removal ideas which led to fun things like Visine, toothpaste, warm towels and steam showers.  Fred seems to like these things even more than the standard store bought methods of removal. 

So, I have decided he is hanging around for a while.  I have since employed a plethora of cover up techniques.  From the cheap drug store brands to the expensive "don't tell my husband I bought this" products.  No luck.  Fred likes to be seen.  He somehow manages to work his way through everything I have thrown his way.  And quickly.  Within minutes there he is shining away. 

Fred and I have been to battle and he has won.  I give up. 

And along this route I must ask, how it is possible that I went through my teens with very little acne issues only to get pregnant and have my face explode in full teenage angst?  Why do I have winkles AND zits?  How did my hormones change so much that my skin is now completely horrible?  I can deal with the weight gain and the fact that my feet grew a 1/2 size so all my old shoes didn't fit any more.  I don't mind the fact that I have a scar (although I could do without the c-section "pooch" thank you very much) and I have found a few killer bras to help with the saggy boob thing.  But my skin?  No bueno.  I would kill for my pre-pregnancy zitless pores. 

Fred and I are going to sleep now.  He has been bathed in a very special concoction tonight that promises to get rid of "those pesky pimples before the big dance the next day!"  Yes, I have resorted to pre-teen acne treatments that I put on before my night creme and eye cream to combat the wrinkles.  Ain't life grand.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day

Being a mom is the best thing that has ever happened to me.  My children are amazing and make me a better person.  I am so lucky that I was chosen to be their mommy and every day I thank God that they are mine. 

Today my daughter and son (with some help from Daddy!) spoiled me rotten.  I got to sleep in and then had breakfast in bed.  After a lazy morning I got to take a NAP!  Scout got me a new toaster and Truman got me new scissors for my kitchen and fudge!  Chad of course got me the puppy!  (I wish she was old enough to be with us!)  Chad and Scout made a delicious cake and then we went to my mom's house to celebrate with the other moms in the family.  My mom, sister and sister-in-law kept up the spoiling theme and the guys did a great job making a yummy dinner.

Before I had kids I was always so amazed by my sister and sister-in-law.  I could not understand how they did it.  I loved their kids like crazy and was happy to just be the aunt.  They have raised incredible kids and I am so lucky to have them as role models.

My sister-in-law Kim taught me a love of cooking.  She also has given so much of herself to me and my family.  She is an amazingly strong woman and her determination is inspiring. 

My sister has her hands full.  As a single mom I am always amazed by everything that she does.  She has shown me that anything is possible.  She is not afraid to fail and puts herself out there in so many ways.  She doesn't care what other people think about her...which is something that I am struggling to learn.  I can't say enough about my sister...she really is just an incredible woman.

My mom.  Wow.  I don't even know where to start.  My mom is my bestfriend.  She is the person I can turn to with any problem big or small.  She is my rock.  She always knows what to say and to this day is able to "heal the boo-boos" even though when the boo-boos are more then a simple scrapped knee these days.  She takes amazing care of my children and they love her so much.  Her advice it thoughtful and although she will some times stick her nose in things she always does it out of love.  She taught me how to be strong.  She taught me how to stick up for myself.  She always gave me the freedom to figure things out in my own way.  I always say that I didn't move away from Lawrence because my mom wouldn't let me...but the truth is I just didn't want to be away from her.  She is a beautiful person, inside and out.  Thank you can never really know how much I appreciate you and all that you have done.

I always tell people that my "mama bear" came out the first time Scout was placed in my arms.  But I think it starts before that.  When you know that you child is growing inside you and it is your job to protect them your whole world changes.  Scout made me a mom and has dealt with my learning curve!  She is a genuinely caring person.  Her heart is gigantic and she always is thinking about others.  She has an incredible sense of humor and can make me laugh all day.  She is stubborn and dramatic and silly.  She is smart, so smart but has no clue.  She lights up a room and steals the show.  I love her so much and I am so happy that I have a little girl who is a little bit too much like me!

Truman is an angel.  His smile is contagious.  He has an laugh that make everyone laugh with him.  He is determined and tough as nails.  He has these incredible eyes that really "see" things.  He looks into you as much as at you.  He is all boy but has a sensitivity that is hard to describe.  He hasn't had the easiest life so far.  But you would never know it.  He just keeps going and smiling.  I was so thrilled to find out I was having another baby.  After everything I went through with Scout I really didn't think it was ever going to happen.  I spent a lot of extra time with him during the pregnancy...being on best rest that long does that!  We talked a lot and I sang to him and rubbed my tummy.  We were so in sync by the time he was born that he was like an extension of me.  He is a mama's boy for sure.  No matter what the future holds, Truman is going to face it with grace.  He has taught me so much in the short amount of time he has been with me.  I think sometimes that is why God sent him to remind me to slow down, appreciate the little things, celebrate life every day, and learn patience in the difficult moments.  Tru is a champion in my eyes.

And now the day is almost over...I am tired (even with all the extra sleep!) but full of happiness.  Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there.  You are amazing people.  Your children are blessed to have you.  Thank you, thank you!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Dance Recital Day

Scout's dance recital is today and we just got back from dress rehearsal!  She did awesome!

Friday, May 7, 2010

My Mother's Day Present

Chad took me to see my potential Mother's Day present this evening...
How cute is she????

She is a mix between a Havanese and a Yorkie (the hybrid puppy name is Havashire).  And she is only 3 weeks old right now.  A guy Chad works with's dog decided to make a baby with the neighbor's dog...oops.  They were both full bred and they instead made this squishy little girl.  Right now she is almost all black with a brown tummy and a tiny dot of white on her toe.

This is her sister...who is also available!  (Scout wants us to get both of course!)

They are still so new that they are tummy scooting and barely have their eyes open.  That is mommy next to them.  She was such a good mommy.  Her babies were never out of her site but she was also great with us holding them...even as strangers.  She was protective but never got mean.

So now I have to decide if we are actually going to get one.  We have so much going on in our lives right now...but at the same time this is the type of dog that I have always wanted.  The whole situation is perfect because it isn't coming from a store (puppy mills), or a breeder (super expensive).  We have always thought our next dog would come from the shelter but the mommy is actually an abandoned dog.  The dogs will be between 9 and 12 pounds full grown.  Phog, our Golden, is suprisingly good with little dogs.  Our neighbors have one that is a minature Yorkie and they actually play together.  Phog the 120 pound dog and Katie the 3 pound dog...and Katie usually wins! :)

Help!  What do I do?  Do I take the leap and get the puppy?  Do I think rationally and not ad another thing to my already complicated life? 

I'm going to sleep on it. 

I wish I could snuggle that little body to help me make my choice...

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Hearts of Gold Ball

Chad and I went to the Hearts of Gold Ball last Saturday.  It is a fundraiser for Lawrence Memorial Hospital and specifically for the Cardiology department.  It was a great excuse to get dressed up fancy-dancy.  And since this does NOT happen often, we had to capture a picture.
Don't we look purty?

It was a great night and I even ended up buying Botox in the silent is a long story, but heck!  I actually think I might give it a try.  Truman has produced several worry lines over the past few months after all!

Day at Henry's Plant Farm

We have an annual tradition of heading to Henry's Plant Farm each spring.  If you have never been to Henry's you MUST go.  It is a wonderful place with incredible flowers and the people are so nice and helpful.  We always have a wonderful time.  Last year Tru was too little to really appreciate it last year but he had a ball this time around.

He was super excited that they had wagons.

He wasn't as sure about the corn bath...he thought it was a little weird and we found corn in some interesting places later!

Scout on the other hand dove right in.  Again, corn tends to travel home with us.

Scout took a trip on a saw horse...

While Truman spent some quality time with a barn cat.

Scout posed "happily" by a goat.  They also have donkeys, pigs, llamas, peacocks, cattle and an adorable, yet weird looking, dog.  Truman prefered the cat.

Mommo and Boppo also went on the trip.  Look--Boppo is actually looking at the FLOWERS.  Oh yeah, that is what we came for!

Aunt Mimi also joined the group and she had an actual "plan" for the garden...plan?  What is this you speak of?

It was a perfect day and now we have to plant all those dang plants we bought.  I like the shopping part.

Going for a drive

This child loves, loves cars.  When he actually sat behind the wheel he was in heaven!

Crazy Hair Day

Scout had "crazy hair day" at school...she chose green hair with side buns...
She complemented her hair with a green outfit in her favorite color--electric green.

And of course, as big sisters tend to do...she added a little extra green to Truman's hair too.