Friday, May 28, 2010

Cool Things Truman is Doing

My little guy is just shocking all of us with the exciting things that he is doing now.  For some reason he has spent the last few weeks just going crazy with the developmental milestones.

He is pulling up and then sitting back down!  HUGE!  (Sorry about the weird angle...I held the camera wrong!) 

He is having a blast playing Peak-a-Boo!  Great small motor skill!

And this is the best applause I have ever heard in my life!

He is also "cruising" the furniture...which I haven't captured on film yet.  Every time it has happened I have been is such awe that I forget to grab the camera!

We also saw his neurologist last week and had an incredible visit.  He was so proud of Truman.  I think he was incredibly shocked by what Tru was doing!  In fact he told us that he didn't think that Truman was ever going to walk.  He said that he had seen lost of children with similar unexplained low muscle tone and the majority of children do not ever have the ability to do the things Truman is doing was pretty difficult to hear but exciting at the same time.  I think I knew in the back of my head that there was a strong potential that Truman would never walk or that he could end up in a wheelchair.  I just had refused to think about it and instead focused on the physical therapy.  Seeing the look on the doctor's face made me realize just how close we were...

We still do not have a diagnosis.  As his doctor put it, "sometimes doctors are not smart enough to figure it out...but the child starts to catch up and so we follow the child."  The current plan is to go back at 18 months for another follow up appointment and potentially do an MRI of his brain to make sure it is developing correctly.  If he continues developing new skills (even delayed) he doesn't want to push with a bunch of tests that he doesn't think will give us a real answer anyway.  He doesn't want Truman to have to go through all of it...and I agree.  One of God's lessons in this entire process was the opportunity to learn patience and to be OK not always having the answers.  For those of you who know me...that was not an easy adjustment, but Truman made is possible.

Life is good.  I'll post cruising video soon.  I can't wait for this summer!

This is the other way Truman "cruises"...he loves this car!

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