Thursday, May 6, 2010

Day at Henry's Plant Farm

We have an annual tradition of heading to Henry's Plant Farm each spring.  If you have never been to Henry's you MUST go.  It is a wonderful place with incredible flowers and the people are so nice and helpful.  We always have a wonderful time.  Last year Tru was too little to really appreciate it last year but he had a ball this time around.

He was super excited that they had wagons.

He wasn't as sure about the corn bath...he thought it was a little weird and we found corn in some interesting places later!

Scout on the other hand dove right in.  Again, corn tends to travel home with us.

Scout took a trip on a saw horse...

While Truman spent some quality time with a barn cat.

Scout posed "happily" by a goat.  They also have donkeys, pigs, llamas, peacocks, cattle and an adorable, yet weird looking, dog.  Truman prefered the cat.

Mommo and Boppo also went on the trip.  Look--Boppo is actually looking at the FLOWERS.  Oh yeah, that is what we came for!

Aunt Mimi also joined the group and she had an actual "plan" for the garden...plan?  What is this you speak of?

It was a perfect day and now we have to plant all those dang plants we bought.  I like the shopping part.

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