Monday, February 15, 2010

12 Month Check Up

I know that Truman doesn't turn 1 until the 2nd but we were able to get in to see his new doctor today so we doubled it as his 12 month check up.

My kiddo is tall!  Ok, not really...but in comparison to all of his other check ups he has had a major growth spurt.  He is now 29 inches long putting him in the 34th percentile in height!  I don't think Scout has ever been that high.  I was shocked!

Now...if he would just gain some dang weight!  He is 19 pounds which puts him right under the 7th percentile in weight.  He has these chubby thighs that I really thought would help add to that number.  Chad had a good point though...muscle does weigh more and since he is "low muscle tone" maybe it affects his total weight too.

The most awesome news is that his head circumference was 18!  That shoots him up around the 35th percentile!!  I know that seems like a weird thing to get excited about but we have had some fears that he was suffering from microcephaly when he was younger.  Microcephaly is when your head is basically too small.  It can cause a lot of issues and is actually a marker for a lot of the genetic syndromes that we have feared.  He wasn't even on the charts because his head was so small just a few months ago.  Now he has a big 'ol nugget head and I couldn't be happier!

We also got new car seats and moved him out of the infant seat.  It was a little bittersweet.  He was getting too heavy to carry in the dang thing and he was too tall to really fit very well...but moving up car seats means he really is growing up so fast.  My little guy is going to be 1 in just a few weeks.  My baby.  My last baby. 

OK...I am going to stop that now because I am getting all gooey and boo-hooey when I think about it.  But I will share a baby picture just so you can see how fast a year can fly by...
This is Truman at a couple of days old with my dad.  Look how tiny!

This is Tru at Christmas!  The get big so fast.

By the cute is my son with my Dad?  They have a pretty special bond.  Truman just adores his Boppo...and I think Boppo is pretty smitten himself.


  1. Love the pictures! Congrats on a great check up. Isn't it such a great feeling to see those numbers "within normal limits"!? Go ahead and get boohooey. It's our job. It's the moms that don't that worry me.

  2. OK, but can we talk about Tru's hat? That is ADORABLE!!!

  3. OMG CUTE!! And cheers to good news all around!

  4. Wonderful pictures, Becca. You know, Joey was always a tiny guy...didn't "hit the charts" till he was about 4, and at age 29 is big & burly All my worrying/guilt was for nothing...imagine ;0)