Thursday, February 18, 2010

Future lawyer?

My daughter Scout has an answer for everything.  If she gets caught doing something that she isn't supposed to be doing she has a quick response in her back pocket that usually makes me stop and have to change directions.  She has caught me a few times and I have ended up blubbering the stereotypical "because I'm the mom...that's why" excuse.

Last night I went to check on her about 30 minutes after lights out.  I noticed a thin line of light coming from under her door.  As I approached the door the light suddenly went out.  When I went into the room she was sitting up in bed, in the dark, with two books.  She looked up and because it was dark I couldn't read the expression on her face.  So I simply said, "Scout, what are you doing?"

Her response?

"I was checking to see if I can read in the dark.  I can't.  Good to know.  Goodnight!"

Then she laid down and closed her eyes.

I really didn't have anything to say after that.  I guess I could have busted her on the light that I saw.  I also could have yelled at her for disobeying and then basically lying about it...

But the kid was reading AND she came up with a smart come back.  I was actually I little proud.  So I closed the door and walked away with a grin on my face.

I think I see her standing in front of a courtroom someday.

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