Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Vomit in the Morning

This morning we woke up at 7:15...I am usually out the door by 7:30 to drop off Truman at daycare and get to work.  You can imagine the panic that set in and the incredible scramble that my family did to get ready for the day.  Amazingly we got Scout to the table to eat breakfast and wait for my niece to come over...she takes and picks her up from school on Tuesdays and Thursday.  I was running thru the house trying to make sure that I was fully clothed when a little voice from the kitchen says, "Mommy?"

Not wanting to slow down I said, "What??  Do you need something??  You know we are running late!"

Another small, "Mommy?" came from the kitchen so I ran down the hall and put my head in the doorway only to see...a vomit covered child.  Yes, Scout had thrown up all over herself and the table.

Imagine how horrible I felt realizing that I was "busy" that I missed my child throwing up!  I grabbed her up and carried her to her room to get cleaned up...getting covered myself (Oh, the joys of motherhood.)  She had tears in her eyes and looked like a poor lost puppy.  I quickly made the decision to keep her home from school, called my mom to get her ready for Scout to come over, cleaned her up and changed her into pj's, cleaned myself up, packed a backpack of stuffed animals and games and then was thrilled to see my niece walk in the door.  I was saved!  She would be able to take Scout to my mom's house.

Then as I am grabbing my coat, Truman's coat, the baby bag, my purse, my briefcase and a lunch tote full of Truman's food my husband breezes by and says, "I gotta get going!  See you later."

Hold up Buck-o.  Guess who also needs to "get going."  I was surprised that I didn't completely lose it but I very directly told him he better help me or he would be sorry.

We made it to daycare and work surprisingly not too late!

I called my mom later in the morning to check on my poor sick child.  I had felt so horrible all day that I was so wrapped up in life that my little girl was ignored during her moment of need.  I was already planning a trip to the Toy Store to make up for my horrible reaction to her.  And then my mom filled me in...

Scout had coughed and then felt like she had something weird in her throat so she had stuck her finger in her mouth to get it out...and gagged...and threw up.  SHE WAS FINE!!  She told my mom as soon as she walked in the door what she had done.  Then proceeded to have a great day of TV watching, junk food eating, and general grandma time.  

Lesson learned.  Slow down.  Ask questions.  Don't assume that just because you see vomit in the morning that the whole day is ruined.

Heading to Children's Mercy tomorrow to see Truman's neurologist.  Wish us luck.

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  1. First things first - Good luck tomorrow!

    Second - see this is how we know for sure that we are "adults" now and have moved on to the relatively responsible end of our years - we typically aren't the ones doing the random puking anymore. ;)