Saturday, January 23, 2010

Sleep Over

We are hosting a friend of Scout's tonight and the girls have had a blast.  They have done all of the typically 6-7 year old girl things...giggle, play "best friends," watch movies, eat too much sugar, giggle some more, create beautiful art projects, play Wii, giggle, get louder, get the picture.

Truman was a little confused at first but then he fit right in...
I swear I even heard him giggle a few times just to be more authentic.  I didn't get Scout's friend's mom's permission to show her face so I can't post the adorable shot of all of their smiles!

Eventually the girls decided that little brothers shouldn't be involved in their sleep over fun and Truman was sent packing.  He is now sleeping soundly while the girls are still giggling away downstairs.

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