Monday, January 18, 2010

Tooth Fairy

My six year old lost her first tooth a few months ago.  It was such a huge moment!  I completely remember losing my teeth and how excited I was for the tooth fairy to visit.  The only problem was that I had no idea how much money the tooth fairy would leave...I think that I got maybe 25 cents?  Maybe 50?  So with inflation what would a tooth fairy leave today?

In a panic I put $2 into the special box under my daughter's pillow and I was so excited for the next morning to see her face!  I stuck the tooth into a little box in the medicine cabinet in my bathroom when I also realized I had no idea what the tooth fairy actually did with the teeth she picked up from children.  It seems a bit gross to keep teeth but I couldn't just throw it away, could I?

The next morning she was beyond thrilled.  She bounced thru the house holding the money above her head and giggling like a mad woman.  She talked about all the things she could buy with her "2 bucks."  Then she got on the phone to call the grandparents.  She excitedly told them that the tooth fairy had come and left 2 bucks under her pillow.  The smile on her face was worth every penny.  Then I got on the phone...

"2 dollars??  You gave her 2 dollars??  For one little tooth?  I guess the tooth fairy got rich since you were a kid.  I think you got 10 cents a tooth.  You do realize that she is going to lose all of her teeth, right?  That is going to be one expensive mouth!"

What?  In my excitement of playing the tooth fairy I hadn't thought about the future cost per tooth.  Adding it all up in my head I realized that I had set myself up for a nice deposit into my daughter's bank account.

So, a couple of nights ago my daughter lost tooth number 2.  She was just as excited to place the little tooth in the special box under her pillow.  Just as excited by the knowledge that she would have 2 bucks the next morning.  And then she added to the pot by telling me that her friends got more money for the bigger teeth and since she got $2 for the little tiny ones just imagine what the tooth fairy would bring for her 2 front teeth...$5?  $10?

And I thought diapers were expensive.  I hope that the tooth fairy doesn't become a victim of the financial downturn in 2010!

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