Saturday, April 17, 2010

Truman is a champ!

My little guy has made some huge strides in the last few weeks.  I swear he has just exploded with activity.

The big news is that he is army crawling!  It is funny to watch but at the same time I am so freaking excited that he is moving!!  He works really hard but you can tell he is proud of himself.  He is still struggling to get onto all fours.  He has a lot of weakness is in upper body and trunk so he can get himself positioned on all fours and then he can't keep himself up.  He would get so frustrated that he would just give up.  Now he is crawling by pushing reaching forward and pulling forward while pushing with his legs.

He is also pulling up all over the place!  He used to only pull up in his crib.  Now he is pulling up on the couch, on tables, on people!  He is fairly strong in his legs so he really pushes up more than pulls up but he gets where he wants to go.  He even "cruised" a bit along the couch and table the other day during physical therapy!  He is a bit timid.  His fear keeps him from doing things a lot of the time.  He is afraid of falling I think and that keeps him from pushing himself even further.

He is also now saying "up", "out", "uh-oh," and "sis (sister)".  He is constantly blabbing.  He is very vocal...wonder where he gets that from?  He is also LOUD!  He likes to get his point across by yelling.  I think this is more of a boy thing than anything else!

I'm so proud of him!  This whole process has definitely been life changing...but in a lot of ways it is positive.  Truman has given us the opportunity to slow down and appreciate all of the milestones in a whole new way.  We never take any stride for granted.  And this week we have done a lot of celebration dances and cheers.

I know you can't actually tell what he is doing here...but this is his "crawling" position.

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  1. this post makes me so happy for you guys! here's to more and more happy dances in the future!!!!