Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Hazard of Having a Big Sister...

Scout and I played Beauty Shop yesterday and she insisted that Truman wanted to play too...

Daddy was outside mowing the lawn...

I refuse to post the picture of Scout's make-up job on me!  It was interesting to say the least!

I'm sure it isn't the last time Scout will convince Truman to play dress up!


  1. Ha! At first this seemed to be a very different kind of blog post to me. The title "The Hazard of Having a Big Sister..." and then the first picture (if you don't read the caption) looked like Scout kicked Truman's ass. (and then he looks so happy about it).

    glad to see it was just playing beauty shop.


  2. i also don't think it's fair that we don't get to see the pictures of you. isn't this blog about how you're not perfect? and this is your life unplugged?

    give it up becca.

  3. I second Tim on this one! LOL! Tru is a real sport!!