Saturday, April 3, 2010

First part of test results are in...

And the muscle biopsy is NORMAL!  Yup.  You heard that right, NORMAL!!  Truman does NOT have muscular dystrophy or any of the diseases in the muscular dystrophy spectrum.  Whoot.  Whoot!!!

I got the call later yesterday and it was Truman's neurologist, Dr. LePicheon.  When I realized that it was the doctor that called my whole world just stopped.  My eyes went dark and my stomach was in a giant knot. 

The only reason that the actual doctor would call is if there was bad news.  They don't want the nurse to call and drop a bomb on parents and not be able to answer questions immediately. 

So, I heard his French accent and everything fell away.  My brain was screaming with everything that I had feared the most.  Until I heard the word normal and I was brought back to reality.  I had to tell him to start over because I had missed everything he had said. 

The muscle biopsy was normal.  We are still waiting on two more is genetic and one is for mitochondrial something or other.  I don't really understand these particular tests...but they should be back in the next 2 weeks.  He chose to call us personally to let me know that he was not going to give up on Truman.  He wanted to explain that we might not have found an answer yet but he was going to keep trying to find one.  He really is an amazing doctor and we are so lucky to have found him.  We talked a bit about the next steps but basically we are still in a waiting period for these next two tests to come back.  The results will send us in a new direction either way.  If it shows something irregular we will be going down that path but if it doesn't show anything we are going to have to start from square one and redevelop a plan.

There is a part of me that keeps thinking we are just "missing" some clue that is going to make this all make sense.  That if I just said the right word or remembered the right symptom at the right time with the right doctor then it would be a magic moment of understanding and suddenly it would all make sense.

But for now we celebrate a negative muscle biopsy.  What a great Easter weekend surprise.


  1. i'm so happy for you! happy easter to the booth myers. love you all.

  2. YAYAYAYAY!!! Even my husband heard my huge sigh of relief for you!!! Praise God and let us be humbled before Him on this amazing weekend!

    Again, we walk parallel paths... you speak my mind when it comes to my Aly-girl. 2.5 years and we still do not understand her symptoms and for now have chosen to enjoy her amazing spirit while managing her symptoms. "If only I'd mentioned the right symptom to the right doctor..." My mystery girl. Obviously Jeffrey is a different story and believe we've found his path.

    So for now, kiss that adorable face of your little guy and while we continue to pray for answers for you, one of the worst was shoved far away! YAY!
    Have a beautiful, wonderful Easter!!

  3. Sweetie, this is wonderful news. We're "missing" something with Ian too. His genetics testing came back "normal" and we can't see any physical issues with him that would cause his delay. They found something on his MRI that was "unspecified" & we go back for another one in 3 months. Frustrating!! You're not alone. Drop me a line if you ever need to vent.