Sunday, April 11, 2010


The bank I work for sponsored the Lied Center production of Cats! this year.  Scout, Chad and I headed to the theater for a special night...
Scout was super excited because we have been reading her the T.S. Elliot poems since she was a baby.  Mommy on the other hand had seen the performance before...and once is enough when it comes to Cats! but I was happy to share the love of theater with my little girl.

2 1/2 hours later (not that I was keeping track!) and with the songs stuck in all of our heads we went backstage to meet a couple of the members of the cast.  Scout was pretty star struck.  We got all of the kiddos together for a photo.

Scout now wants to be an actress when she grows up...along with a singer and a vet with an animal rescue in her backyard.  Before she just wanted to rescue dogs and now, you guessed it, she is added cats to the mix!

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  1. Oh how cool! Well....I think we all know where the theater bug in Scout may REALLY come from. ;-)