Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Weekend

What a beautiful weekend!  We were high off the news of Truman's test results and the incredible weather and holiday gave us an excuse to be extra playful.

We started off the Easter weekend with a trip to Kill Creek Park for a picnic lunch and hike with CeCe and Papa (Chad's folks).
You can barely see Scout running down by the lake.  It was a little chilly in the shade but overall it was gorgeous.  We at lunch and then started down the trail only to be surprised by something in the trees!
The Easter Bunny had heard we were going on a hike and decided to leave a little gift for Scout and Truman.
Scout was shocked.  Completely.  She saw the presents right away and thought it was strange.  There was a group of kids across the park for a birthday party so we told her they must be for them.  Then she said, "Um, guys...that one says Truman on it." So I told her there might be another Truman and she said, "But, that one says you really think there is another Truman AND Scout around here?"  Good point.

After the presents were opened we enjoyed a nice hike with Truman in his wagon.  It was downhill on the way out...and Truman and Scout ended up in the wagon on the way back...uphill...Daddy was a very tired man after that walk.

Today we headed for church in the morning.  Dressed to the nines if I do say so myself.  I found this adorable suit with a tie for Truman and Scout looked beautiful in her bright pink Easter dress.  (I love an excuse to dress up my kids!)
Look at this suit!!
Is my baby adorable or what??

We had a huge Easter Egg Hunt with the entire Booth clan (minus my brother who as a firefighter has to miss holidays frequently...but we missed him!)  Scout was a champ this year.  Look at that haul!

Since Truman isn't mobile on his own we but him in his push car.  Which is loves.  He gets a glimpse of it and goes crazy.  So he was happy as a clam to hunt eggs while "driving".
First he found his basket...then we headed outside.
We hooked the basket on the back and there were several eggs at the perfect height for him to reach out and grab.  At first he was a bit confused...but he caught on quickly!

After the hunt we went inside to check out the loot.

Scout ended up with over $20, a pile of candy and IOUs for a movie with her Aunt Amy, dinner with her cousin Tori and a sleep-over with Mommo (my mom).  The Easter Bunny got creative with gift certificates this year!

Truman could care less about the money or candy...he just liked the plastic eggs!

This picture cracks me up.  He looks like he has had a hard day at the office!

 Overall it was a wonderful weekend.  Happy Easter from the Booth-Meyers family!


  1. My head just totally asploded from all the cuteness and joy, 100% pure joy, in this post.

  2. happy easter to the booth meyers.

  3. Oh my god, I LOVE the "hard day at the office" pic!