Saturday, March 6, 2010

Scout Channels Cleopatra

Ms. Scout has a flair for the dramatic and LOVES getting into make-up.  We play beauty shop frequently and we both end up looking like we belong on a corner...

My mom had her the other day and Scout talked her into beauty shop.  My mom is the guru to my product junky craziness.  The woman has more make-up than anyone should.  She called me to warn me that the results of beauty shop were going to be coming home because Scout had a "dress in mind to match the make-up."

She then proceeded to tell my mom all about Cleopatra.  Apparently she has a lot of info on the lady!  I'm sure it is a Raintree thing...but Scout told her the whole story.

We decided we needed a Cleo Fashion Shoot to show off their hard work.
Work it!  Own it!

Look at those eyes! 

**My mom was trying to figure out a "symbol" for Egypt and came up with a star.  Afterward, Scout looked at herself in the mirror and asked he why she used the star.  My mom told her she couldn't think of anything else that would be Egyptian...and Scout looked at her like she was crazy and said, "Mommo...seriously?  How about a pyramid?  Don't tell me you don't know about the pyramids!"  Mom laughed at her own stupidity and at the fact that a 6 year old called her out on it!

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