Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I've got a new body part...

My son.  He has decided that I am his chosen one.  He literally is attached to me whenever it is physically possible.  At first it was sweet.  Now I am starting to go a little crazy.

I'm OK if he doesn't see me, so I have taken to hiding from my child!  I also can speak if it is possible for him to hear me.

He literally screams and cries until I "save" him from whoever happens to have him--Daddy, grandparents, cousins, etc.  He is also not a fan of his tiny-k physical therapist now either.  He used to love he hides his face in my lap.


I love my child.  Everyone knows how much I love this boy.  But sometimes you have to use the bathroom, or shower, or just BE ALONE!  I manage to do it all at night after he goes to sleep.  Which has recently become later and later because he wants to look at me.  It is like he knows that I will put him down after he falls asleep and he doesn't want to be without me.  And yes, I do rock him to sleep.  Cue the advice that I have messed up my child's sleep schedule for life...but for months we couldn't lay him down on his back because he would choke and stop breathing.  So, we "slept" with him on our chests so he could lay on his stomach to sleep and the movement of our breathing would help prevent the deep sleep that causes SIDS.  I used quotes because I'm not sure I ever really slept during that time period.  I rested.  So once he was able to roll himself over his doctor said it was safe for him to sleep on his stomach...but I still freaked out and was with him for several months...and I admit, even now sometimes when he is not feeling well.

Hmm...I just realized in my writing this all out that it is all my fault that he is so clingy.  I have been clingy to him all these months.  He learned from me.  Now cue the guilt.

But, I still need to go to the bathroom occasionally...


  1. They all go through these phases, and it ISN'T your "fault". Jimmy's 3, and I hear, "Oh Mommy! I NEEEEEEED YOOOOOU!!!" about 50 times a day. I rocked and nursed him to sleep for the first 18 months, despite all the dire warnings, because that was what he needed and what worked. Now, he sleeps like a champ and plays just fine on his own. They just go through times when they...want...MOMMY. No one else will do. I just try to store up the memory for when J is a teenager and wants nothing to do with me. ;)

  2. If it is at all encouraging to you, my little Joey,nursed till he was 2, slept in my bed untill he was 5, hid under my skirt about that long, and had nose bleeds in Kindergarten because he was so attached to his mommy. He still grew up to be a wonderful, independent, "manly man" who fought in Iraq and came home to marry a wonderful girl. Though he has yet to give me a grandchild I think he turned out alright. Yes, people...mostly relatives...had a few things to say about my parenting skills but "Fairness isn't about giving every child the same, it's about giving every child what he needs" Truman will be amazing..just wait and see ;0)

  3. That is VERY helpful Becki! Scout was so independent that I am having a hard time with this phase!

  4. Okay, I just posted to your "People Bug Me" entry, and I'm starting to worry you might think I stalk you once a month or so... however, I can't help but feel like you are writing MY blog for me. We slept with Jeffrey for the exact same reason until almost 9-10 mos., and he's now figured out that if he screams and fusses enough, one of us will get him and rock with him until he falls asleep. UGH! On the other hand, now that I know the possibilities of his condition, a part of me is okay with it until he's had his surgery, but I have zero no kid time.
    Like you said, both my girls (and David for that matter) are extremely independent. Bathroom, a phone call, nothing is done without Jeffrey. 2 months ago when he figured out how to turn door knobs - yep, the end of my alone time.