Sunday, March 21, 2010


The one thing about everything that has happened this year is that I have learned about perspective.

For example...a few years ago a KU loss like today would have put me in a funk for weeks.  I would have been mad and yelled and thrown things at the TV.  I would have cried a little maybe.

But now? 

I get to enjoy the moments of watching the game in bed with my daughter.  Giggling and holding hands and jumping up and down.  I get to think about how great it was to spend most of the game just hanging out with her and flipping back in forth between the game and iCarly.  When we lost Scout had a few tears...but they were the innocent tears of feeling bad for "her Jayhawks" not because of some bad call or missed opportunity.  Then I went downstairs to see Truman waking up from his nap in his Daddy's arms.  Chad held him the entire game so he too didn't get to yell and throw things.  Truman stretched his little arms up and wrinkled his face in that adorable baby way of waking up.  He popped his eyes open and saw me and gave a huge grin.  Completely oblivious to the fact that anything in the world could possible be wrong because he got to wake up to see his Mommy.

Perspective is a good thing. 

Rock Chalk.


  1. Bless it. This is beautiful.

  2. You know it's funny... I vividly remember a certain KU loss to Arizona (elite 8 I think) during March of 1997 when I was a young mom with this gorgeous 8 month old boy. Oh man was I furious, sad, heartbroken... The year before I was in the band traveling in March with the team. There was a passion that hadn't been put into perspective yet. Even with this adorable little guy in his Jayhawk outfit.
    Now... as I sat on a rare date with my husband (Named Chad, btw) watching the seconds count down... all I wanted to do was get home to my kiddos to distract myself, and sure enough the ache was gone. All I could do was smile that my sweet little guy takes one look at my Jayhawk shirt and says "Mom lala". He has a 2 word sentence!! :-)