Thursday, November 4, 2010

MRI Tomorrow

We have officially hit the point we were hoping to avoid.  Tru was given until 18 months to walk or we would need to do an MRI to check out his beautiful brain.  Well, here we are at 20 months and still no walking…

Our very blunt neurologist (whom we love) in his French accent told us:
”We need to see if all of the parts of his brain are there.”

Hmmm.  Didn’t ever realize there as a chance that all of the parts wouldn’t be there.  After all he is living, breathing, crawling, babbling, hugging, kissing, splashing, laughing, etc. etc.  It didn’t seem like an option.  But, I guess it is.

The other thing we are looking for is the ratio of grey matter to white matter or something like that.  Apparently by this age the brain should look fully formed.  If you have an MRI any younger it is difficult to see everything because it is all still white and not differentiated.  I guess we can see if it looks “normal” or not. 

He will have to be put completely under because the MRI has to be done completely still.  He is 20 months old and will go under anesthesia for the 3rd time.  It never gets any easier.  The memory of him coming out of anesthesia after the tonsil surgery is still very fresh in my mind…and it is not a pleasant memory. 

We should also be receiving the results of some the genetic testing we did in September fairly soon.  Again—we are keeping our fingers crossed that everything comes back negative.  It is such a weird position to be in.  We are trying so hard to figure out what is going on with him but each time we test we hope to not find an answer. 

The good news is that I have reached a point where I no longer completely freak out every time we are waiting for an answer.  I can put it all in a box on the shelf and not deal with it every second of the day.  Occasionally the box decides to fall off the shelf and hit me the head making me crazed for a few hours.  Typically this happens at night when the house gets quiet enough for me to think.

Here we go again…


  1. Hoping all goes very smoothly tomorrow for Truman and you.

  2. You know you can call anytime. Our thoughts and prayers will be with you tomorrow. *hugs*

  3. I'm so glad you've gotten to that point of being able to keep things in perspective, Becca. It's not an easy place to get to.


  4. You're very, very brave. I don't know how you do it. I hope you get the best answers possible.

  5. I love you guys and I'm thinking about all of you today. I'll send Scout and Truman some Megamind and How To Train Your Dragon stuff to cheer them up. :)