Saturday, June 5, 2010


Truman is crawling!!!  This is an incredible, amazing, holy crap, oh my Lord, thank you little baby Jesus moment for the Booth-Meyers family!

We never thought that this would actually happen.  He has always had such low muscle tone in his arms and upper body.  Crawling requires that he put a lot of weight on he arms (well not a LOT he is only 21 pounds!) and he has always just crumpled when he tried to be on all fours.

Last Saturday he popped up into the all fours position randomly at an auction when I put him down on a table.  That evening he made a few attempts to move in the all fours position but he was still struggling to stay up.  It was actually pretty amusing to watch...he looked a little bit like one of those robot dogs.  He would get a few jerky moves forward and then lay down to rest.

By Wednesday at tiny-k he was really starting to figure it out.  His physical therapist was so excited!  She had planned an entire session working on the all fours position to help him to go from his stomach to a sitting position.  He has always just tried to play with toys while he was still on his tummy making his neck and arms very tired.  Instead he popped up onto all fours and then leaned back and sat ALL BY HIMSELF!  Whoo-hoo!!

He has been working hard all week until this morning when...cue drum roll...he crawled all the way down the hallway!!  He then turned around and crawled back.  The grin on his face was priceless.  Now there is no stopping him.  We sit him down and he crawls away.  SO AMAZING!!

I guess it is time to put up the baby gates.  We bought them when he was about 6 months old because Scout started crawling at 5 months.  Now at 15 months we finally get to use them!  CAN YOU TELL I AM EXCITED???

He is still pulling up like crazy.  He now can actually crawl to something to pull up which makes him a very happy camper.  I feel like walking is right around the corner.  If he walks before 18 months he is technically not delayed.  We also started speech therapy.  Often when a child is working hard on muscle motor skills they will lag on speech.  He is loud (after all he is half Booth!) but he doesn't have many words yet.  He says "up!" and "out!" and "dada," and my dad swears he says "Boppo" (the grand kids name for my dad) but I'm not so sure!   He only says "mama" if he is crying...which is just wonderful to hear.

I'm sure in a few weeks I am going to be a little less excited about the crawling thing.  He has a bit of a daredevil spirit so I have a feeling he will be getting into a lot.  He is all boy.

For now I am just going to revel in this major accomplishment.  I'm so incredibly proud of his determination!


  1. This is the best news I've heard in ages! I'm so happy for Truman and the rest of you. I can't wait to see you guys next month and witness his speed-demon-ness for myself!

  2. Ann Feeney BriggsJune 5, 2010 at 1:48 PM

    Congatulations, Becca! What a wonderful day! I have been reading your blog and rooting for Truman. Before I had my own kids, I used to care for a little girl with microcephaly and understand how big and exciting those milestones are. I was present for every therapy session, and I was beyond thrilled as her caregiver, so I can only imagine how great it must feel as a parent! Go, Truman, go! :)

  3. WOW! I am so so HAPPY for you guys!!

  4. Congratulations Becca. That is great news!

  5. Excellent news!!! Give him belly zerberts for me!!

  6. Go TRUMAN!! Have at it buddy - the world is yours to explore!